Punjabi Tea House

Live Improv ‧ Ambient ‧ Dub ‧ Technoish ‧ Alt ‧ House ‧ Microbrewed Electronica

A three person electronic improv group that brings together influences from experimental electronics, jazz, and several EDM genres to produce music in the moment.

The sessions range from minimalist chill techno, to full beat-infused electronica: ever shifting, each time new.

Paul Buser

Korg Minilogue, Ableton Live, Volca Beats, loopers.

Mark Lentczner

Grid and pad controllers, MIDI controllers, Ableton Live, Novation Circuit.

Dylan Phan

Keyboards, Ableton Live.

These tracks were all cut and mixed from improv sessions, recorded live in Mountain View, California. The tracks show the band's range from the meditative 3am Rain to the driving Kuiper Belt and evolving story of Secret Agents.

Highlight reel from a live streamed 75 minute improv session, this video highlights five different music sections.